Usage Guidelines


These guidelines should be adhered to in tandem with Duquesne University's acceptable use of computing resources policy. Those who fail to abide by these guidelines may be asked to leave the computer lab. In some cases, computer lab access may be removed.

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Computer lab usage policies

  • No food or drink in the computer labs.
  • No disruptive behavior.
  • No moving computer lab equipment and cables.
  • Keep sound levels to a minimum.
  • Computer labs are for Duquesne students, staff and faculty only. We reserve the right to check IDs.
  • Scheduled classes have priority in computer labs. Class schedules are posted outside each lab.
  • Computer lab closing times are final. Users must save their work and vacate the labs 10 minutes before posted closing times.
  • Computer labs are an academic resource. Please respect the needs of others by not monopolizing the computers for non-academic use.
  • Computer lab staff members are not responsible for belongings left in the labs. Please make sure you take your belongings with you when you leave.

Refunds will be provided only for technical printing issues, such as low toner or smudged pages. Refunds will not be provided for printing mistakes. Please contact the Help Desk at 412.396.4357 (HELP) or to place a refund request.

You can view your current print jobs and charges at


How do I sign into a lab computer?

Use your MultiPass username and password to sign into lab computers.

Who do I contact if there is a problem in the lab with a computer or printer?

Notify the lab consultant on duty. If no lab consultant is on duty, contact the CTS Help Desk at 412-396-4357 (HELP) or

Can I save information on the hard drive on a lab computer?

CTS strongly recommends that you save your work to a USB drive or cloud storage service, such as Box or Microsoft OneDrive. You will be permitted to save files to the hard drive; however, files are removed from these drives on a regular basis.

Do not use lab computer hard drives as a personal storage space. Once files are removed from a lab computer's hard drive, they cannot be recovered. Practice safe computing and keep multiple copies on transportable media.