macOS Updates


Faculty and staff can install macOS updates through the App Store and third-party application updates using Self-Service.

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Apple operating system updates

Currently, macOS system updates are still being provided directly by Apple. To install the current security updates, please go to the Update section of the App Store.

Note: If an update is diagnosed to be problematic or destructive, such as unsupported operating system upgrades, Computing and Technology Services (CTS) will block them until Apple fixes any issues or bugs.

Third-party application updates

Updates for third-party applications, such as Microsoft Office, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, are available in the Self Service application. This catalog will only display updates for third-party applications installed on your device.

If there is a known security risk to an application installed on your computer, an update may be silently applied to your computer. Any necessary actions following this install will be presented via a popup message.