Network Access

Fast and secure network access provided on Duquesne's campus and secure access to restricted University resources and applications while on or away from campus.


DuqNet, Duquesne's high-speed wireless network, provides wireless connectivity across all campus buildings and in many outdoor areas.

DuqNet Internet of Things (IoT)

Students living on campus can connect gaming and streaming devices to the DuqNet IoT wireless network.


Eduroam lets you to use your University email address and password to obtain wireless internet access at participating institutions around the world.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A virtual private network (VPN) lets employees send and receive data across public networks as if their computer was connected to the campus network

Living Learning Center (LLC) WiFi Best Practices

Computing and Technology Services (CTS) needs the help of our Duquesne community when it comes to being a good network citizen. As we continue to make improvements to the wireless capabilities on campus, there are often many devices that broadcast their own signal which causes network interference.