Be a Living Learning Center (LLC) WiFi Good Neighbor!

Last updated: March 29, 2021


Computing and Technology Services (CTS) needs the help of our Duquesne community when it comes to being a good network citizen. As we continue to make improvements to the wireless capabilities on campus, there are often many devices that broadcast their own signal which causes network interference.

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Turn Off WiFi Features on Personal Printers

If you use a personal printer in your room, CTS strongly recommends connecting your computer to the printer using a USB cable. USB cables are available for purchase at the Duquesne Computer Store located on the second floor of the Duquesne Union. Before purchasing a USB cable, make sure both your computer and printer support USB connections by looking up the make and model of each device on the manufacturer's website.

Note: Please disable your printer's wireless printing option when it is powered on, or turn off the printer when not in use.

Print to Computer Lab Printers Using Web Print

All Duquesne students receive an annual print balance of 3,000 pages that renews yearly in July. You can use this balance to print to computer lab printers from your own devices with Web Print. Printers are available in the following Living Learning Centers (LLCs): Brottier Hall, St. Marin Hall, and Towers LLC. You can also use your print balance to print in any of the CTS-managed computer labs across campus.

To learn more about printing on campus with Web Print, please visit

Avoid Blocking Wireless Access Points

Each room is equipped with a wireless access point. This access point is the gateway your device uses to connect to DuqNet. Avoid blocking the access point in your room with large furniture or equipment as it may interfere with your connection to DuqNet, which can cause slowness when accessing Duquesne online services, such as Zoom.

Connect Gaming and Streaming Devices to DuqNet-IoT

Students living on campus can connect up to four gaming and streaming devices, such as Apple TV, Xbox, Playstation, or Amazon Firestick, to our recreational Internet of Things (IoT) network: DuqNet-IoT. If you use one of these devices in your room, go to and register it in our DuqNet-IoT portal. After you register the device's MAC address, connect it to the DuqNet-IoT network.

Note: Please remember this is a recreational network intended for "smart" devices. DuqNet-IoT should never be connected with your phone, computer, or tablet. For those devices, please use our DuqNet network. Further instructions on connecting to DuqNet are available at

Turn off Devices and Close Programs When Using Zoom

If you are having latency issues when using Zoom, please be sure turn off electronic devices around you to try and minimize any WiFi interference. We also recommend to close any applications you are not using so Zoom can use as much resources as it needs.  Access Zoom via


If I am still experiencing network connectivity issues in my room, how can I report them?

Please contact the CTS Help Desk at 412.396.4357 (HELP), or If possible, please contact the Help Desk while you are experiencing the issue, as this allows for more effective troubleshooting and information gathering.

Do I need to bring or purchase a wireless printer for my room on campus?

CTS does not recommend using a wireless printer in your room. When powered on, these devices broadcast a wireless signal that interferes with DuqNet. This causes network interference that can impact everyone around your immediate area.