Multi-Factor Authentication


Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security approach that uses two factors to authenticate your identity when signing into a website, application or other online services. Duquesne University uses Duo to manage the second factor of MFA: something you have.

Duo MFA Overview

Learn more about Duo MFA and explore our Duo MFA frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Enroll in Duo MFA

A walkthrough of enrolling in Duo MFA using a smartphone with the Duo Mobile app installed–the recommended method.

Duo MFA Devices

Explore which devices you can use for MFA, such as a smartphone with the Duo Mobile app installed or YubiKey USB security key.

Add Another Duo MFA Device

Computing and Technology Services (CTS) encourages you to enroll at least two devices in Duo MFA, including a smartphone with the Duo Mobile app installed. If you forget your primary device at home or do not have access to it, you can still sign in to Duo-enabled services, like DORI and Office 365 email.

Manage Your Devices

You can manage your Duo MFA devices using the Duo Device Management portal in DORI.

Remember Me for 7 Days

Save time when signing into Duquesne online services by telling Duo to remember you for a week. This feature is similar to "keep me logged in" and "remember this computer" features found on many popular websites.

International Travel

You can use Duo MFA while you're traveling internationally, even without access to Wi-Fi or cellular data. Prior to traveling, enroll your mobile device with the Duo Mobile app installed in Duo MFA.