Manage Your Devices

You can manage your Duo MFA devices using the Duo Device Management portal in DORI. Device management options include:

  • Reactivate Duo Mobile: Reconnects the Duo Mobile app to a new mobile device.
  • Change Device Name: Allows you to modify the device name.
  • Delete Device: Unenrolls the selected device in Duo.

Note: If you are activating the Duo Mobile app on a new smartphone, select Call Me when prompted to verify your login request.

*CTS recently enabled Duo Restore, which allows you to back up Duo-protected accounts and third party accounts for recovery to the same device or to a new device. For more information, please visit Duo's website regarding this feature: Duo Restore


  1. Sign into DORI at
  2. Select the Duo Device Management tab.

Screenshot: Select the Duo Device Management tab

  1. Verify your login request with an already-enrolled device or passcode.

Screenshot: Complete an MFA login process with your preferred device

  1. Click Device Options for the device you want to manage.

Screenshot: Click Device Options for the device you want to manage

  1. Follow the onscreen steps to make changes to the selected device.

Screenshot: Follow the onscreen steps to make changes to the selected device