Sponsored Accounts


If you have a guest visiting Duquesne University, you can create a sponsored account to give them access to campus resources, such as DuqNet and CTS-managed computer labs. Individuals eligible for a sponsored account include guests and University affiliates.

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Request access to create sponsored accounts

Faculty and staff interested in creating sponsored accounts must request access to Rapid Identity, our sponsored account management tool. To request access, please send an email to help@duq.edu.

Sponsored account service requirements

All University employees who create a sponsored account are expected to adhere to the following service requirements.

  • Sponsored accounts must be created by a current Duquesne University employee.
  • Sponsored accounts can be extended for up to one year.
  • Sponsored accounts can be disabled before their expiration date.
  • Sponsored accounts can be extended after they are expired and before the yearly removal of these accounts.
  • A guest using a sponsored account may not request a sponsored account for another person.
  • The creator of the sponsored account is the manager of that account and is responsible for their guest's actions.
  • Use of sponsored accounts must comply with the intent of the University employee creating the sponsored account.
  • Any changes to a sponsored account that has already been created must be maintained by the University employee who created the account.
  • Sponsored account information must include the guest's first and last name, a valid email address (not @duq.edu), the name of Duquesne employee creating the account and an expiration date.
  • All guests are expected to adhere to TAP 26: Acceptable Use of Computing Resources.


Who can use a sponsored account?

Individuals who are not affiliated with the University in an official capacity can use a sponsored account. This includes, but is not limited to, contractors, vendors, visiting scholars, alumni and event guests.

Who can create or request a sponsored account?

Duquesne faculty and staff with an active MultiPass account can create or request a sponsored account.

Does a sponsored account's password expire?

Yes, a sponsored account's password expires every six months. If a sponsored account password is set to expire before the sponsored account's end date, change the sponsored account password.