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Print Management FAQs

What is Print Manager?

  • Print Manager is a service instituted by Duquesne University to reduce waste and improve student printing experience in our public labs.

Why is it being implemented?

  • To reduce waste and improve student printing experience in our public labs. Also to enhance student printing services such as color printing, wireless, and iPad printing.

When will it affect me?

  • Your quota will start on July 1st each year and will be valid through June 30th of the following year.  

Who else uses a Print Management quota besides Duquesne University?

  • Most University's use a print management system, such as Pitt, Robert Morris, Point Park, Notre Dame, Saint Vincent, and CMU to name a few

Who at Duquesne University is affected?

  • Everyone that prints in public labs

Will my student account ever be charged for printing?

  • Never, everyone can print 3000 pages per calendar year at no cost.

Where is Print Manager Implemented at Duquesne?

  • All public labs. This includes:
    • Mellon 427/428
    • Union 111
    • College Hall 335/336
    • Gumberg Library
    • Fisher 435
    • Rangos 401
    • Canevin 201
    • St. Martin's
    • Towers

How do I use it?

  • As a current student or employee you enter your current MultiPass credentials when prompted in public labs.

What is my username and password?

  • MultiPass credentials, the same that you use to login to DORI, Blackboard, and Outlook Live email.

How many pages do I get and how often do I get more (per semester)

  • 3000 per calendar year (July 1 - June 30)

How soon before school starts do I get my quota?

  • The annual quota begins July 1 every year

Where do I purchase more pages?

  • Visit DU Computer Store, 2nd floor Union

Can I purchase more pages online?

  • Not at this time

How much can I buy up at a time?

  • You can buy in increments of $15 which is an additional 500 pages added to your quota. (works out to $.03 per page) 

When I purchase additional pages, how soon will my account be updated?

  • 1 business day (Mon-Fri) or less 

Can I pay for this with my Student Account?

  • No, you can only pay out of pocket for additional pages.

Can I get a refund on my default balance or balance that I have purchased additionally?

  • Your balance is a "use it or lose it" balance per calendar, no refunds are available. Any remaining balance does not accumulate over calendar years.

What if my professor is requiring me to print all of my information out for my class?

  • Print what you need to print to be academically successful.

Can I print from my personal computer to a University Printer?

Are there any color Printers on campus?

  • Not at this time. One of the goals of print management is to allow us to provide enhanced services, such as color printing.

What if I have a problem with my username and password?

  • You can reset via http://www.duq.edu/multipass or visit the CTS Service Center in the DU Union 2nd floor or call the Help Desk at 412-396-4357 or 1-888-355-8226

If I print and my print exceeds my balance what happens?

  • You can only print what is available in your balance

What are the Computer Store hours?

My print job failed, will I be charged for any failed print jobs (i.e. Printer jams, etc.)

  • You can send an email to help@duq.edu and we will credit your balance.

I gave my friend my username and password to print and now I do not want them to have it. What do I do?

Does double sided printing count as 1 or 2 pages?

  • 2 pages

How do I know what my current balance is?

How much can I print at once?

  • You can print 50 pages per session.