Printing a web page in Windows

How to Print a Webpage using WebPrint and Windows


We recommend using Chrome for both Windows and MAC webpage printing.

In order to print a web page wirelessly, you will need to convert the web page to a PDF.


The Duquesne WebPrint system is a file printing system. Simply, that means you upload document files to for printing. This can be confusing when you want to print a webpage, since a webpage is not like a Microsoft Word Document, or an Adobe PDF document.

This short guide describes how to print a webpage using Chrome on any Windows computer for 7, 8, and 10. The following examples will demostrate how to save your webpage to a compatible file for the Duquesne WebPrint system, before uploading the saved file to print.


1. Press Ctrl+P

2. Change your destination to Save as PDF

3. Click Save

Google Splash Screen

 Once you have saved your document you can follow the proceedure for printing wirelessly with Print Manager Plus 9.0 here.

Printable PDF of the webpage conversion to PDF process.