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Join CTS and others for our annual technology fair.

Find out about all the technology resources that are available here at Duquesne University. Ask questions and make suggestions. We want to hear from you.

There will be food, vendors, giveaways, and a raffle. Simply show up complete the table quest and get a ticket.

Every ticket gets you one more chance at the big prize: a 5inch Ipad Mini

Tables Include

CTS HelpDesk

Providing information on the latest tech resources available as well as how-to guides on installations and more.


Presenting all the new network infrastructure enhancements for the Living Learning Centers (wireless, IOT network, fiber backbone and Internet services). Including a demo of our wireless tools that help us manage the wireless coverage throughout the LLC buildings and campus.


Office, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneDrive, OneNote, and more

Information Security

Learn more about staying safe online and protecting your information and identity

Duquesne Computer Store

The Duquesne University Computer Store is an authorized Apple and Dell service center that offers tier 2 tech support to our students. The store also recommends our Safeware Accidental warranty coverage for any technology hardware you may have. This warranty not only covers manufacture failures, but also accidental damage like drops or liquid spills.


Gartner does IT stuff


Surveys and more

Recycle vending

Get rid of old tech at the recycle vending machine


The Gumberg Library is a hub for academic exploration, distinctive intellectual resources, information literacy instruction, and expert library services for the Duquesne University community. Some new additions to the library this year include a technology intensive classroom, new group study areas, a 3D printer, and lots of additional places and ways to plugin your devices.

Education Technology

Duquesne University Educational Technology - Promoting the effective use of technology to facilitate and enhance teaching, learning, and research.

Barnes and Noble

Buy books and more

DU Apps

Find relevant DU mobile apps at www.duq.edu/apps


You like money right?