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Lab Guidelines & FAQs

What are the lab rules?

Pretty much common sense: no food or drink, they are quiet work areas, look after the computers, don't try to bypass security software or change configurations. In addition, limit the number of documents that you print. The printers are not designed to be used as copy machines. Only standard paper can be used in the printers-no letterhead or resume paper. The lab consultant is the only person that should service the computers and printers (including toner and paper replacement).

Is there any login information?

All users must scan their DU Card to gain access. In addition, some labs on campus require a username or password to begin using the systems. The login information is posted in the labs as with any other pertinent information.

What if there is a problem on a lab computer?

If you notice a problem the first thing to do is notify the lab consultant. If the problem requires further attention it will be directed to the Help Desk who can dispatch a technician. Please report all problems to the lab consultant- if you don't report it, we cannot fix it.

Can I save information on the hard drive on a lab computer?

CTS strongly recommends that you save all work to a USB drive. You will be permitted to save files temporarily to the hard drive, however, the drives are cleaned on a regular basis. Do not use the hard drives as personal storage space or as the only copy of a file. Recovering information after a drive has been cleaned is not possible. Practice safe computing and keep multiple copies on transportable media.