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MultiPass Account Setup

To set up your MultiPass account & determine your MultiPass username :

1. Visit www.duq.edu/multipass

2. Click MultiPass Setup

3. Follow the on-screen prompts & enter the required criteria

4. Call the Help Desk if you have questions/problems.

5. Use your MultiPass account to access DU Technology Resources (see below)

To reset your MultiPass password (forgotten/expired) :

1. Visit www.duq.edu/multipass

2. Click Change MultiPass button.

3. Follow the on-screen prompts.

Use your MultiPass to access : (must set up first)

DORI: www.duq.edu/dori (access to schedule & grades)

Office 365 Email: www.duq.edu/dori (click the email icon, upper right)

Blackboard: www.duq.edu/blackboard (also avail. in DORI)

ResNet/NAC: Wired Residential Student Network Access from your LLC room: https://nac.duq.edu/remediation/

DuqNet Wireless: www.duq.edu/duqnet

For new student technology information and links visit www.duq.edu/dori and click the New Students tab, or visit our START-IT guide in the menu below.