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MultiPass setup and schedule printing

To Setup your MultiPass account & determine your MultiPass username :

1. Visit www.duq.edu/multipass

2. Click on MultiPass Setup

3. Enter your last name and last 4 of your ss#, click Continue

4. Complete your emergency alert contact information.

5. Select and answer your secret questions (don’t forget these answers, they are needed to reset your password), click Continue

6. Create your MultiPass password and confirm it.

To Reset your password

1. Visit www.duq.edu/multipass

2. Click on Change MultiPass

3. Follow on-screen prompts

To View/Print Your Course Schedule :

1. Visit DORI (www.duq.edu/dori)

2. Login with your MultiPass username and password (must setup your account first - see above)

3. Click on the Self Service Banner tab

4. Click on the Student Information subtab

5. Click on Registration, then View Class Schedule

6. Choose your term, click Submit

7. To Print: click the print icon in your browser