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Duo Security Devices

Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an additional layer of security on your accounts by requiring two forms of verification before granting access to an account. CTS uses Duo Security tools to manage the second form of verification. Once you are enrolled in Duo, you will use a second device in addition to your password to sign in to 2FA-enabled services. For a complete list of 2FA-enabled services, visit duq.edu/authentication.

Devices you already own, such as a mobile phone or Apple Watch, can be enrolled in Duo for 2FA logins. In addition, there is no limit to the number of devices you can enroll in Duo. CTS recommends registering at least two different devices in case you do not have access to one of your devices. For instance, you can enroll your mobile phone as well as your office landline phone in Duo. If you would leave your mobile phone at home, you could still log in to 2FA-enabled services using your office landline phone.

Action Items

Step 1: Enroll a device you own in Duo

Devices such as mobile phones, tablets and Apple Watches can be enrolled in Duo. Most individuals own some or all of these devices and carry them with them throughout the day. CTS recommends enrolling at least one of these devices in Duo. This helps ensure you always have at least one device on you at all times that can be used to complete an 2FA login.

Reminder: when you enroll a device in Duo, you will be required to complete an 2FA login when signing in to 2FA-enabled services.

  1. Download the Duo Mobile app for your compatible mobile device.
    • Download Duo Mobile for iOS
    • Download Duo Mobile for Android OS
  2. Navigate to DORI at duq.edu/dori.
  3. Navigate to the Duo Device Management tab to enroll your device.

Step 2: Decide which 2FA devices best suit your needs

The table below describes each of the 2FA devices you can use for logging in to 2FA-enabled services. CTS recommends enrolling devices you currently own in Duo.

DeviceRequirementsBest Suited ForComment

Mobile phone (iPhone, Anrdoidphone, Google Pixel)

  • Supported version of OS
  • Duo Mobile app
Highly convenient for most users and is typically the primary 2FA device CTS recommends all users register their mobile phone as an 2FA device
Landline phone Your office desk phone and/or your home phone if you telework Individuals without mobile devices CTS recommends registering your office desk telephone
Tablet (iPad, Android tablet)
  • Supported version of OS
  • Duo Mobile app
Convenient for users that use their tablet to access 2FA-enabled services Tablets can serve as a single device for both access and 2FA
Apple Watch
  • Supported version of OS
  • Duo Mobile app
Users with access to an Apple Watch Apple Watches offer the most convenience when using 2FA
Duo Hardware Token Purchase at the Duquesne University Computer Store Individuals without access to mobile devices, a landline phone, or Apple Watch Less convenient than other devices
Requires users to correctly type a unique code for each login
Yubikey USB dongle Purchase at the Duquesne University Computer Store Individuals without access to mobile devices, a landline phone, or Apple Watch More convenient than a Duo Hardware token since it does not require typing a code for each login