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Box for Duquesne


CTS is excited to announce that Box for Duquesne University is now available to all faculty, staff, and students. Computing and Technology Services (CTS) has selected Box as our secure cloud storage and collaboration solution. With Box, you can securely store your files and share them out to the members of the Duquesne community. Box provides an easy-to-use platform that enables access to your content from anywhere and on any device. For more information, please see below.

Storing and Sharing Files

Sharing Files

Creating Shared Links

A shared link is the URL of a folder, file, or bookmark. When you generate a shared link you make it accessible to one of three groups:

  • People in this folder (People you specifically invited to collaborate)
  • People in your company (Duquesne University)
  • Anyone with the link (Includes people without Box accounts)

Please be aware of who you are sharing with at all times. For more information visit the Shared Links overview from Box.

Using Collaboration Folders


What Kind of Files Should I Store on Box?

While Box is a very secure, it is not intended to store certain types of information, such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and sensitive University-related information.
Please see our Data Governance Service Requirement for more information.

How Do I Login?

You can log into Box for Duquesne University by going to Box.com, clicking "Sign in" and using your Duquesne University email address as your Box username.

What Box Does for You?

  • Simplify and streamline the collaboration process, allowing you to easily share files and collaborate with colleagues
  • Secure access on any device, no software required
  • Creates a centralized workspace for your teams to collaborate
  • Simplifies your experience with capabilities to create, edit, and comment within Box
  • Keeps everyone up-to-date by tracking revisions and displaying file version history
  • Provides flexibility through on-the-go mobility productivity

How Are Box's Storage Limitations?

As a member of Duquesne University you have access to boxes unlimited storage space and can store files as large as 15 GB.

Where Can I Download the Box App?

The application for Box is called Box Drive and can be downloaded here. Do not use the Box Sync app; it will not work with your Duquesne credentials.

How Can My Department Gain Access?

Departmental requests should be sent directly to help@duq.edu.

What if I have specific questions?

Please reach out to the CTS Help Desk at 412.396.4357 or email help@duq.edu .

You can also check out Box's knowledge base online at: https://community.box.com/t5/Box-Community/ct-p/English