DU Card Policies

New DU Cards are not distributed every year for residents, commuters or employees. You will keep your card throughout your academic career.

Lost DU Cards

If a student loses their DU Card they must notify Parking and DU Card Services immediately.

Any student who needs to replace a lost or stolen card will be assessed a $25 replacement fee, paid by cash, check, or billing your student account.

This fee is non-refundable regardless if the old card is found.

If there is a chance that your card can be found, Parking and DU Card Services will issue a temporary card that is valid for three days (each student is only permitted to have one temporary card a month).

Damaged Cards

Students who have a damaged DU Card should go directly to Parking and DU Card Services. A new card must be issued. A replacement fee will be incurred.

  • $5 for the first damaged card
  • $10 for the second damaged card
  •  $25 for any additional damaged cards

Damaged cards could include but are not limited to the following: hole punched, cracked, bent, mutilated, scratched, broken or defaced in any way. Damaged cards will be confiscated.

Temporary Cards

Parking and DU Card Services will issue temporary cards on a once per month basis when students forget their cards or believe that the misplaced card can be found. Temporary cards are valid for three days only and cost nothing. When Parking and DU Card Services is closed, Public Safety is authorized to issue temporary cards.

Building Access

Individuals requesting specific building or door access must do so by contacting Public Safety at 412-396-6002.