Citation Response Procedure

On-Line Citation Payment

Within 10 days of the date that a citation (ticket) is issued, you must either:
  1. Plead not guilty by paying the fine in advance at On-line Citation Payment, clicking on the Appeal button after the citation is paid, and entering your narrative (which will be your case to the Appeal Board).  


  2. Plead guilty by paying the fine at On-line Citation Payment.

Citations may only be paid on-line thru the Parking Portal, which is accessible from this website or your DORI account. If you do not have the citation number, you may search for the citation in the Parking Portal by using your vehicle's license plate.

Non-Payment Warning

If fines are not paid, your vehicle could be booted or towed at your expense under Section 3353B and C of the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code.

A $5.00 late fee will be added to any parking fine that is not paid within 30 days, as determined by the day that fines are paid using the Parking Portal.

Appeal Process

All Commonwealth of Pennsylvania citations must be appealed through the district magistrate. The instructions are printed on the back of the citation. The Parking and DU Card Services Office cannot appeal or withdraw state citations.

You may appeal University citations through the Duquesne Citation Appeal Board. Pay the fine in advance and submit your electronic appeal (using the above instructions) within 10 days. If the Board rules in your favor, the fine, or a portion of the fine, will be refunded to you. A letter advising you of the outcome will be mailed to you. Both students and employees serve on the Appeal Board and their decision is final.