Parking Fines

The Duquesne University police can issue University citations for parking violations. The University can also issue Commonwealth of Pennsylvania citations for all moving violations. Vehicles may be towed from campus at the driver’s expense under the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code for repeated or flagrant offenses.

When a vehicle is parked in violation of regulations, the following fines will be assessed to the person who purchased the parking permit or registration for that vehicle.


  • All fines must be paid in full.
  • If you are in violation of more than one regulation you may receive multiple fines.
  • Accumulation of 3 unpaid citations will result in a state citation.
  • Duplicating or altering a parking permit is strictly prohibited. Any vehicle displaying a duplicated or altered permit will be tagged and towed at the owner's expense. This is a criminal offense, and the perpetrator may be prosecuted.


Failure to properly display permit


Parked in area not designated by permit


Parked where prohibited by sign
(Includes curb and street markings)


University has no record of this vehicle.
If you change your vehicle information, you must re-register it or risk a ticket.


No parking permit or expired permit


Blocking a hydrant, fire lane, ramp, any traffic lane or pedestrian walkway


Parking in reserved/restricted parking space


Parking in a loading dock


Unauthorized parking in handicapped areas


Unauthorized use of a permit
Illegally obtaining and using any permit, proximity badge, expiration sticker, or providing false information to secure a parking permit. Duplicating/ altering a parking permit or expiration sticker.

(plus loss of parking privileges)

All other parking violations


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