Vehicle Towing

When necessary, signs will be posted to note restricted parking during special and other University activities. Drivers should relocate their vehicles from these locations to an appropriate spot.

Towing Circumstances

Any vehicle that does not have a permit and is not registered with Parking & Traffic Management may be cited and towed.

Even if your vehicle has a valid permit and is registered, it may be towed if it is:

  • blocking University construction, maintenance or emergency services
  • parked in violation of posted signs
  • blocking a fire lane or hydrant
  • blocking roadway, drive, loading dock, or pedestrian walkway
  • blocking one or more other vehicles
  • creating a real or potential hazard
  • displaying a duplicated, altered or stolen permit
  • known for repeated violations
  • disabled vehicles on campus for longer than 48 hours

In these situations, we will try to contact the owner before the vehicle is towed. This is much easier if your car is registered.

Towing Process

The standard towing charge is $105, but this is subject to change. A daily storage fee will also be charged for vehicles left at the tow compound.

In order to retrieve a vehicle that has been towed, you must present the owner's card and your driver's license to the University Police Department and obtain and complete a release form from them.

Students have the option of billing the tow charge and fine to their University account.