Event Rate Card

Obtaining an Event Rate Card

Download the new 2022-2023 Event Rate Card Application

2022-2023 Event Rate cards will expire September 30, 2023.

An event rate card may be obtained by applicants by completing a paper application (typed not handwritten) and submitting it to the Parking and DU Card Services Office (210 Student Union) in person, email, or via mail. Office hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Please note: ALL paper applications must be completed electronically and printed out. No handwritten applications will be accepted.

Event Rate Card Usage Instructions

Use only when you pull up to the Forbes Garage and an Event Rate sign is at the entrance.

You must use your event rate card to enter the Forbes Garage. You cannot under any circumstances pull a ticket.

If you are paying with cash, you must stop at any of our 5 Pay Stations on campus (Level 1 and 8 of the Forbes Garage and Level 7 of the Locust Garage.) You will insert your card in the Pay Station and it will charge you the regular rate. Then you will proceed to either Forbes or Locust exit and insert your card at the exit machines. Please remember that you will have a limited time to exit the garage after paying.

If you are paying with a Credit Card, you can pay at any of our Pay Stations or you can insert your Event Rate Card at an exit machine followed by your credit card.

Each card has anti-pass on it. You must use it upon entering the garage and exiting the garage or it will NOT charge you the regular rate.

No Overnight Parking

Please note that there is NO overnight parking for daily visitors in our garages. Daily visitors are only valid to park on campus between the hours of 5:00 a.m. until 2:00 a.m. No daily visitor is permitted to park any vehicle in Duquesne University garages between the hours of 2:00 a.m. through 5:00 a.m. Anyone in violation will be subject to fines and/or penalties.

Event Rate Card Expiration

Event Rate cards for the 2022-23 school year will expire on September 30, 2023. A new event card must be obtained each year by a repetition of the application process.

Lost or Stolen Event Rate Card

A lost or stolen Event Rate Card may be replaced for $30.00 and can be obtained in the Parking and DU Card Office (210 Union).

Parking on Event Nights at PPG Paints Arena and the UPMC Cooper Fieldhouse

Due to the dynamic and changing schedule of events at the PPG Paints Arena and UPMC Cooper Fieldhouse, we encourage departments and individuals to check the following websites regularly to plan for parking needs:

PPG Paints Arena

Duquesne University Athletics website

Departments hosting a meeting or event that coincides with an event at the PPG Paints Arena or the UPMC Cooper Fieldhouse may email the Parking and DU Card Services Office at least 48-hours prior.

Effective July 1, 2018, there will be absolutely no refunds for individuals that have lost their ER cards or those that have failed to return an Event Rate card application to the parking office prior to events taking place on or around campus. All lost or damaged ER cards will be the sole responsibility of the individual. If the card does not work and is confiscated by the parking machines, you must call the Parking and DU Card services office at 412.396.5267 during business hours.If this situation occurs during off hours, please hit the help button. If you have lost your ER card, you must stop in the Parking Office or email Parking@duq.edu for further instructions. There is a $30.00 replacement fee for lost ER cards.

The University offers an Event Rate Card for use by students, employees and affiliates that do not have a full parking permit. This card allows the user to pay the regular garage rate when an event rate is in effect at the Forbes Garage. That is the only time an event rate card can be used. Use of the card at any other time will result in permanently disabling the card.