Handicap Parking

A Duquesne University permit, along with a state issued placard, is required to park at any designated handicap space on campus. In order to eliminate having to hang both a University permit and an official state placard, you may stop in the Parking and DU Card Services office and obtain a DU handicap permit.  The DU handicap permit must be displayed at all times when parked in a designated space.

Departments that require handicap-parking needs for their guests are strongly encouraged to contact Parking and DU Card Services at least 48 hours prior to their guests arrival to guarantee accommodations can be met.

Temporary Permits

If an employee sustains a medical condition that requires temporary parking in a designated handicap space (or a space closer to the employee's building), the employee must contact Disability Services at 412-396-5853. Employees' supervisors may not approve any type of parking request.

Designated Spaces

There are designated handicap parking spaces (notated by red triangles on the map) located throughout campus, as well as spaces located near the elevators on each floor in both the Forbes and Locust Garages.

If there are any questions or special arrangements needed please contact Parking and DU Card Services at 412-396-5267.