African Studies Major and Minor


The Center for African Studies offers a secondary major for any student. A second major can complement a first major in any other department. As a secondary major, it is not a "stand alone" major; which means, it must accompany another major.

Major Requirements:

  • Complete 30 credit hours (usually 10 classes) 
    These courses must be in at least two disciplines cross-listed with African Studies
  • Take AFST 150: Introduction to African Studies or EQ 104: Do You Know the Real Africa
  • Fulfill a study-abroad program in Africa OR a 3 credit internship
    (The internship must deal with Africa, the Diaspora, or similar subjects, and be approved by Dr. Boodoo, the African Studies Director.)
Additional Information

Students may seek permission to:

  • Substitute one course not cross-listed with the African Studies program.
                     *The course should include identifiable content devoted to the study of
                       Africa, and the student must be able to do a significant project or
                       assignment based within the field of African studies. The student
                       must submit a short proposal to the Center for African Studies by
                       mid-term of the semester in which the course is taken, explaining how
                       the student plans to fulfill the requirement. This proposal must be
                       approved and signed by the course instructor
  • Take one directed reading course for AFST credit


Minor Requirements:

  • Students must take a minimum of 15 credits in African Studies courses (usually 5 classes)
  • One class (3 credits) must be an interdisciplinary credit (classes outside of their departmental major)
    Students completing the minor must have taken courses from at least two different disciplines.
  • Take AFST 150: Introduction to African Studies or EQ 104: Do You Know the Real Africa
Additional Information
  • The minor is available to all students and classes for the minor may count towards another minor/major.
  • Courses that have a minimum of 25% African focused content can qualify as African Studies courses.
  • Students can petition Dr. Boodoo, the director of the Center, to have courses not currently listed as African Studies count toward the minor. (e.g. a directed readings course or a course taken while studying in Africa)