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Fall 2018

GLBH 150 - Intro to African Studies - 3 Credits

10:50-12:05 | TR | Fisher 442 | Boodoo, G

This course will present inter/multi-disciplinary perspectives on sub-Saharan Africa paying attention to the many factors -society, politics, economics, culture, literature, religion, ecology, among others- that have shaped the region and impact its role in our world today. 

Theme Area Global Diversity | Cross lists with AFST 150

GLBH 185 - Intro to Global Health - 3 Credits

3:05-5:45 | W | Fisher 552 | Boodoo, G

This course provides an introductory survey of global health and topics relevant to the understanding of global health. In addition to learning what global health is, students will be exposed to relevant organizations in global health, where global health data comes from, and the influences of poverty, nutrition, conflict, culture, ethics and other areas upon global health. This course is required within the undergraduate global health minor and satisfies 3 required credit hours for completion of the minor.

GLBH 200 - Disparities in Healthcare

1:40-2:55 | TR | Rockwell LEC2 | Calhoun, B

This course will provide a broad introduction into cultural themes of health, illness and health care by critically reviewing existing social inequalities and cultural perceptions. While basic biological explanations for health and disease will be considered in this course, the class materials and discussions will focus on the health consequence (e.g. The Tuskegee Experiment) and relate them to modern research. Differences in the quality of healthcare delivered to racial/ethnic groups will be explored in an attempt to explain why health disparities exist in the United States. Students will also be challenged to consider how they may be eliminated.

Cross lists with HLTS 200 | Theme area social justice

GLBH 240 - African Perspectives in Bioeth - 3 Credits

TBA | Osuji,P

This course introduces students to African cultures and to alternative approaches in bioethics discourse. It explores theoretical as well as practical issues in the field of bioethics from the African perspectives. The course intends to make students appreciate non-Western perspectives, thus equipping them for discourse on global bioethical issues. Subjects covered include: sources of African ethics; the Role of Community in African Bioethics; Relational autonomy in informed consent (RAIC); The care of earth and environment in African worldview; issues at beginning of life; and end-of-life questions.

Theme Area Global Diversity | Theme Area Social Justice | ONLINE course | cross lists with HCE/AFST 240

GLBH 560 - Sociocultural Systems & Networks - 3 credits

3:15-4:30 | MT | SHLTHS 240 | Blaskowitz, M

Therapeutic considerations in all aspects of multcultural diversity and implications for health care service delivery. 

Cross lists with OCCT 560 | Students can only enroll with permission of the instructor

GLBH 645 - Comparative Religious Bioeth - 3 credits

3:05-5:45 | M | Fisher 713 | Gielen, J

Empirical studies have shown that attitudes to bioethical issues are often influenced by religion. Moreover, in the past few decades, religious authorities have expressed outspoken opinions on bioethical issues not only in Christianity, but in other religions too. However, there are substantial differences between religions in the ways in which bioethical arguments are constructed. Insight in this religious diversity is important to understand bioethical debates in non-western contexts as well as the bioethical attitudes of people belonging to religious minorities (e.g. Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Muslims) in western countries. In the first part of the course, students become aware of the existence of deep structural differences between religions in their development of bioethics. In the second part, the differences are further explored through the study of (non-Christian) religious answers to a concrete bioethical issue. In the third part, the observations from the previous parts are applied to assess whether and how these answers differ from Christian answers. 

Cross lists with HCE 645 | Students can only enroll with permission of the instructor

GLBH 655 - Global Bioethics - 3 Credits

3:05-5:45 | T | Fisher 713 | ten Have, H

This course focuses on the golbalization of bioethics. It addresses the question of universal ethical principles in connection to cultural diversity. Current problems will be discussed, e.g. international clinical trials, benefit sharing, organ trafficking, social responsibility for health, globalised food and culture.

Cross lists with HCE 655 | Students can only enroll with permission of the instructor