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Global Health Undergraduate Minor/Graduate Concentration

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Department and School:

Course Title, Code and Number:

Level (indicate all that apply): ___Undergraduate ___Graduate

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Please indicate which of the following learning outcomes are identified within the course

Undergraduate minor

___Identify and define the landscape and importance of prevalent global health issues

___Develop a critical understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of global health

___Exhibit cultural awareness in interactions related to global health

___Engage with communities, either locally or globally, regarding their health issues.

Graduate concentration

___Integrate knowledge acquired across courses through an interdisciplinary lens.

___Demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge to situations related to global health.

___Employ skills to address various global health issues appropriate to their profession.

___Demonstrate cultural competency appropriate to the professional settings in which they engage.

___Navigate the changing environments of global health through adaptation and critical thinking.

How will the identified learning outcomes be assessed?

How does the course fulfill the 25% undergraduate or 40% graduate level of global health content (or how could it be adjusted for an individual student to achieve this level)?

Please submit a copy of the course syllabus along with this form electronically (word or pdf only) to boodoog@duq.edu

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