Alumni Placement

Sadik Roberts

Current Placement: Event Coordinator at the University of Pittsburgh

"My minor in African Studies has allowed me to live my life with pride. Yielding the understanding of such a dynamic legacy, I have been able to inform my family and community of the beauty, power, sophistication, and influence which Africa has possessed and continues to manifest. With so many transformational developments taking place throughout the world today, I have learned to set my eye on Africa as the epicenter for change, growth, resource, and investment. When Africa is strong, the world is strong. I encourage you to explore its many wonders and gifts."

Founder/CEO, Pyramid Pgh, LLC

Tiffany Kent

Current Placement: Student at West Virginia Law School 

"I'm currently in law far in law school, I've gotten a fellowship with a nonprofit who helps abused/neglected children and an externship with a Title IX office that helps with discrimination and sexual misconduct. My minor in African Studies opened my eyes to the beauty that is possible in places that people tend to stereotype in a negative way, and I will forever be grateful for that."

Kellie Craig

Current Placement: Registered Nurse at Excela Health Westmoreland Hospital

"I really loved my minor in African Studies because I had the opportunity to do an independent study with Dr. Boodoo, which led me to a research project pertaining to my current workplace and area of interest in obstetrics. This is something that is going to help me fulfill my nurse residency research project since I now have some experience with a research project. I plan on furthering my education with an advanced practice degree in the future, whether that be as a nurse-midwife or a neonatal nurse practitioner. I would love to take my preliminary research done through my minor to graduate school and maybe even put that research into practice/place in an area in Africa. Although I do not see an African population now, I feel that my minor opened my eyes to a whole new area of interest, passion, and awareness that I am so glad I have now. It has also made me have a more worldly perspective, especially while working in a smaller community hospital."