African Studies Speakers

Featured Speaker: Yemataw Wondie Yehualashet, Visiting Scholar in Residence, Center for African Studies, Duquesne University

Understanding U.S. Africa Relations: An Ethiopian Perspective

Featured Speaker: Obiageli "Oby" Katryn Ezekwesili, Ph.D., Senior Economic Adviser, Africa Economic Development Policy Initiative

African Resiliency

Featured Speaker: Oyeronke Oyewumi, Professor, Stony Brook University

Decolonizing Knowledge: Re-Centering Africa and African Epistemologies in the Quest for Global Transformation


Featured Speakers: Akwasi Opoku-Dakwa, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Management, Palumbo Donahue School of Business & Yang Chen, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Rangos School of Health Sciences

Exploring Africa-China Relations on Trade and Healthcare

Featured Speaker: Honorable Maria Wilson, Judge of the Supreme Court of Trinidad and Tobago

Law & Healing: Lessons From the Rwandan Genocide