Père Jacques Laval C.S.Sp., Global Public Health Speakers


Featured Speakers: Khlood Salman, Dr.PH, RN, FAAN, Associate Professor, School of Nursing, Duquesne University; Sloane Davidson, Founder, CEO, Hello Neighbor; Ivonne Smith-Tapia, Director, JFCS Refugee and Immigrant Services

The Journey of Refugee Women; Addressing Health and Sociocultural Determinants During and After Resettlement

Featured Speaker: Dr. Kyle Wilby, Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health, Dalhousie University

Beyond Cultural Competency: Applying the Minority Stress Model to Address System-Wide Change for LGBTAQI+ Health

Featured Speaker: Bernard Goldstein, M.D., Professor Emeritus, Environmental and Occupational Health, and Former Dean University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health

Global Health and Climate Change

Featured Speaker: Marie Smith-East, Ph.D., Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, Duquesne University

Global Mental Health and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Featured Speaker: Loretta Claiborne, Ph.D., Chief Inspiration Officer, Special Olympics International

I Too Have a Voice, Please Listen to Me!

Featured Speaker: Tiffany Gary-Webb, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Social Determinants of Health for African-Americans: Pre-COVID, During COVID, and Beyond

Featured Speaker: Vibhuti Arya, PharmD, MPH, Clinical Professor, St. John's University

Structural Racism and Health Equity

Featured Speaker: Shafik Dharamsi, Ph.D., Dean, College of Health Sciences, University of Texas at El Paso

Global Health Education and Engagement: First, Do No Harm