faith and Reason

 Educating, inspiring and engaging people in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. 

Center for Catholic Faith and Culture

About the Center

Established in 2012 in the division of Mission and Identity, the Center for Catholic Faith and Culture is a steward for Duquesne's unique Catholic, Spiritan character and for Catholic intellectual tradition more broadly. The Center is an institutional space that hosts conversations on social justice issues, pedagogy, and the arts, as well as an agent for change in concert with internal and external stakeholders.

Our mission is to promote and advance the Catholic intellectual tradition across the entire spectrum of the University's pursuits: research, teaching, faculty networking, and programs that apply Catholic ideas and ideals to a broad range of issues

What is Catholic intellectual tradition?

  • An ongoing dialogue - informed by faith, guided by reason, and infused with human creativity - that produces knowledge, shapes culture, and orients human lives

  • A shared labor to discern and promote the human and common good

  • Historically, globally, and disciplinarily diverse intellectual achievements and cultural treasures that enrich human inquiry and fund viable solutions to contemporary problems.