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About Us

Who We Are

A University-wide Center emphasizing cross-disciplinary collaboration

The Center for Catholic Faith and Culture exists to enhance and enrich the work done by Duquesne faculty, administrators, staff, and students. The Center develops innovative ways to integrate the Catholic intellectual tradition more deeply and broadly across the life of Duquesne. Toward that end, we pursue initiatives that engage historical and contemporary Catholic thought in such fields as the arts, aesthetics, business, economics, literature, and science. The Center supports programs that connect and network scholars from across Duquesne's nine schools.

Catholic and Spiritan

The Catholic intellectual tradition can be described as an inheritance and as a dialogue. As an inheritance, this tradition encompasses the deposit of Catholic faith along with the rich and varied historical efforts made to understand, express, apply, and live out that faith. It is an inheritance that encompasses humanistic scholarship, scientific discovery, legal reasoning, professional service and expertise in fields like medicine and business, diverse cultural practices and rituals, and widely ranging forms of art and architecture. This tradition is also an ongoing dialogue. We receive this inheritance, endeavor to make sense of it in light of our particular contexts and contemporary challenges, and—importantly—we offer our own contributions. We call the tradition a dialogue not only because it is a living tradition that we shape as we receive and transmit it, but also because the Catholic intellectual tradition is committed to discovering the truth through engagement and collaboration with others.

Catholic ideals and ideas animate Duquesne University. They orient and inform our community in all its dimensions—academic, professional, spiritual, cultural, and moral. This common inheritance and shared dialogue unites Duquesne with other Catholic colleges and universities. Yet the Spiritan strand of that tradition imbues Duquesne with a distinctive identity and mission. Our Spiritan heritage is characterized by special commitments to educating the whole person, liberating those who suffer injustice, enacting cultural sensitivity, and sustaining spiritual openness in complex and challenging times.

Open to dialogue and committed to non-defensive engagement

Catholic ideals are grounded in a fearless spirit of inquiry and a confidence that the truths of our faith and the truths of reason are not opposed, but in fact are ultimately and profoundly compatible. Accordingly, the Catholic intellectual tradition is inclusive, concerned with all people, useful to all, and interested in a wide range of topics. The Center for Catholic Faith and Culture embraces and seeks to deepen Duquesne’s distinctive Catholic and Spiritan identity in a fashion that regards hospitality, charitable interfaith engagement, and cultural sensitivity as key ingredients for living that identity faithfully in the modern world.


What We Do

Express and deepen the Catholic and Spiritan mission of Duquesne

We promote research, teaching, and programs that engage and contribute to the Catholic intellectual tradition. We communicate the mission within the University and outside of it. We collaborate with University offices and programs to support programs across sectors of the University that enable us to live our mission consistently. We provide collaborative support to University offices and programs across the board that enable us to live our mission consistently.

Increase familiarity with and inclusive understandings of Catholic
ideas and ideals

We support faculty scholarship that engages mission-related topics, resources and problems. We create opportunities for cross-disciplinary research and teaching that engages and applies Catholic ideas and ideals. We provide programs to educate members of the Duquesne community and interested visitors about aspects of the Catholic faith and culture. We develop initiatives that highlight the resonance and relevance of Catholic perspectives in the different disciplines and professions that make up our nine schools. We support and cooperate with programs that focus on culturally diverse contributions to the Catholic faith and culture. 

Foster research, teaching, and programs that utilize resources in the Catholic intellectual tradition to address contemporary problems.

We encourage scholarship and teaching in the liberal arts, sciences, and professional schools that bring the resources of the Catholic intellectual tradition to bear on important contested issues. We support Duquesne's commitment to mission and justice in local and global contexts.

Support the moral and spiritual development of members of the Duquesne community

We support the work of Spiritan Campus Ministry. We look for ways to integrate ethics across the Duquesne curriculum. We create programs
for faculty, staff, students and alumni to learn more about the moral and spiritual wisdom of Catholic tradition.