Year 4 Summary

Thanks to the generous support of the Henry Luce Foundation, the Catholicism and the Common Good project has generated and supported scholarship in theology and in allied disciplines, fostered collegial networks, provided professional development opportunities, and re-imagined how Catholic higher education can impact the academy, the church, and the public domain.


With the extended support from the Luce Foundation for a fourth year, the Center for Catholic Faith and Culture (CCFC) delivered the remaining public scholarship training programs, offered remotely via webinars, to advance the academic and public reputation of faculty and grad students for creative, civic-centered teaching and research. Virtual coaching sessions and an on-campus headshot session were offered during the fall semester to individual scholars.


CCFC hosted a virtual daylong capstone symposium April 2021 with scholars from around the country titled Catholicism and the Common Good. Program topics included: Reparation, Renewal and Credibility, Leadership for the Poor, Prospects for an Anti-racist and Anti-nationalist Catholicism, Catholicism and Moral Diversity and Engagement and Evangelism. Options are being investigated for publishing work from the symposium.


Trauma-Informed Community Development (TICD) Institute, co-sponsored by Duquesne University and community partner, the Neighborhood Resilience Project (formerly FOCUS Pittsburgh) took place early June, 2021 with limited face-to-face attendees, consistent with local public health ordinances, and virtual attendees. The event focused on the effects of personal and collective trauma.