Norm Conti lecture

Racial Equality Programming

In Fall 2018, the Center launched a Racial Equality Seminar, comprising programming that seeks to advance academic and public understanding, address challenges, and encourage solutions to the social justice issues of racial inequality and restorative justice. This community-based research and collaborative action seminar supports important work being led by Duquesne faculty in concert with community partners, including the Racial Equality and Restorative Justice Working Group. Membership includes Duquesne faculty, Duquesne junior research fellows, community think tank partners, and formerly incarcerated individuals who meet at Duquesne.

Throughout 2019 and 2020, the Center sponsored or co-sponsored programs and events that addressed issues of diversity, racial equality, and social justice advocacy.  Programs included:

  • Writing retreat for group members
  • Life Sentences: Writings from Inside an American Prison: Poetry and book reading by six formerly incarcerated men. The six authors--Fly, Faruq, Khalifa, Malakki, Oscar, and Shawn--met at the State Correctional Institution in Pittsburgh and came together in 2013 to form the Elsinore Bennu Think Tank for Restorative Justice.
  • A reading Library for long-term residents of a local women's shelter featuring writings of women theologians.
  • Mini-grants for Duquesne University's Day of Learning and Speaking Out
  • Training and speakers related to Criminal Justice Reform