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United Pittsburgh Courses

Students met with their classes at 6 p.m then joined members of the general public for the speaker presentation at 6:30 p.m.  Following the speaker's talk, students and instructors returned to class to discuss more deeply issues raised by the talk in relation to their curricular material.

Undergraduate THEO 218  (3 credits)
United Pittsburgh:Social Ethics and Racial Geographies

This one-of-a-kind course features live TED talks from Pittsburgh leaders and team teaching. It introduces undergraduate students to social ethics by exploring the intersection of issues like race, health disparities, economic inequality, and violence.
Instructors: Associate Professor Dr. Elisabeth Vasko, Department of Theology, and Adjunct Professor Terri Baltimore, Hill House Association

Graduate THEO 528/THEO 628  (3 credits)
United Pittsburgh: Virtue, Christianity, and the Two Kingdoms

This unique, team-taught course introduces key questions in ethics in conjunction in relation to intersecting social justice issues as these play out in Pittsburgh's local context. The course will help graduate students imagine the broad significance of theological ethics and its import for matters of public significance.
Instructors: Associate Professor Dr. Elizabeth Cochran, Department of Theology, and Adjunct Professor Rev. Paul Abernathy, FOCUS Pittsburgh