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The Paluse Faculty Research Grant is an important university-wide internal funding opportunity intended to support scholarly research that reflects the mission and identity of Duquesne University. The grants are open to full-time faculty working in any academic discipline. They are intended to lead, at minimum, to publication in a reputable peer-reviewed journal. Paluse Faculty Research Grants can be used to support a portion of a multi-phase research project, provided the project funded by the Paluse grant is clearly defined and the proposal makes a strong case for the likelihood of future external funding and publication. Grant awards are for $6,000. Up to two grants will be awarded this academic year.


The Paluse research grant competition is open to all full-time Duquesne faculty with continuing full-time faculty appointments.  Faculty are encouraged to pursue collaborative and cross-disciplinary research projects and to submit them for Paluse funding.  Paluse Grant recipients may teach no more than one summer course for supplementary pay during the summer they hold the grant.

Previous winners of Paluse Faculty Research Grants are welcome to apply. Their proposals must demonstrate research outcomes from previous grants, and their applications must show that the current proposal focuses on a new research project. Preference will be given to applicants who have not received a Paluse Faculty Research Grant in the last two years.


October 2, 2018: Grant writing info session
October 22, 2018: Preliminary proposals due
December 10, 2018: Applications due
December 20, 2018: Awards announced
June 3, 2020: Report of Project Outcomes due

Faculty who are interested in applying for a Paluse Faculty Research Grant must submit a brief description of their proposed research projects and indicate how this project reflects the mission of Duquesne. The description should not exceed 250 words. Preliminary proposals should be submitted electronically to weaverd1@duq.edu by October 22, 2018. The preliminary proposals are intended to assist applicants in articulating the suitability of their projects for the Paluse Grant.


The completed application must include the following:

1. Signatures from the applicant's Chair and Dean
2. Narrative: The narrative should not exceed seven single spaced pages; this does not include the cover sheet, bibliography, curriculum vitae, or budget. The narrative should state:

  • The topic to be investigated and its significance
  • The contribution the proposed project will make
  • Methodology and assessment standards
  • Relation to the mission of Duquesne University and the Catholic intellectual tradition
  • Schedule for conducting the research project

3. One page bibliography
4. A copy of your CV
5. One page budget
6. Previous Paluse grant recipients must submit a statement showing their previous Paluse grant led to significant research outcomes (e.g, external funding for the research project, publication in a peer reviewed journal, etc.)
7. Research proposals involving human subjects require approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Protection of Human Subjects.

Submit your application materials electronically by December 10, 2018.  For questions, please contact Center Director Darlene Weaver


Applications must include a one page budget. Grant funds will be placed in an account in the faculty member's department. Applicants are encouraged to consider the use of Duquesne graduate students as research assistants where appropriate; wages should be reasonable (i.e., comparable to what a student would be paid by the university for comparable work).

Grant funds may not be used for course reductions or tuition.


The Paluse Faculty Research Grant program is administered by the Center for Catholic Faith and Culture. Applications will be evaluated by an ad hoc committee consisting of:

  • Darlene Fozard Weaver, Director, Center for Catholic Faith and Culture, ex officio
  • Rev. Ray French, VP for Mission and Identity, ex officio
  • David Lampe, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Gerry Magill, The Vernon F. Gallagher Chair for the Integration of Science, Theology, Philosophy and Law and Professor of Healthcare Ethics
  • Sarah MacMillen, Associate Professor of Sociology
  • David Seybert, Professor, School of Natural and Environmental Sciences
  • Nagaraj Sivasubramaniam, Associate Professor of Management

‪‬‬‬‬‬The committee will consider the scholarly merit of proposals based on the grant objectives stated above.


Grant winners are required to submit a Report of Project Outcomes to the Center for Catholic Faith and Culture. The report must:

  • state the work completed during the grant period,
  • assess the research completed in light of the objectives and timeframe in the grant proposal,
  • indicate how the research is being disseminated internally (via the Center for Catholic Faith and Culture's Paluse Fellows Research Colloquium) and externally,
  • include a copy of the published manuscript, and
  • provide an updated budget detailing how grant funds were spent.

Submit all post-award materials electronically to weaverd1@duq.edu. Reports will be shared with the Office of Research and the Office of the Provost.

Please acknowledge the support of the Paluse Faculty Research Grant in publications and presentations that result from research completed under the auspices of the grant program.