Information for Awardees

Fund Disbursement Options for Awardees:

Grants will be announced in December and funds can be disbursed to awardees in one of the following ways. Awardees will be contacted by CCFC prior to disbursement.

1. Funds Transfer

Grant funds may be transferred to an account in the faculty member's department. Faculty members are encouraged to consult with their department prior to requesting the transfer and the award winner is responsible for providing the budget account number to CCFC.

2. Supplemental Salary and Fringe Benefits

If any or all of the award is disbursed as a supplemental salary to the faculty member, please note that fringe benefits of 11% are attached and will be paid from the awarded funds.

Ex: For a $6,000 award, the supplemental salary and fringe benefits withheld would be calculated as follows: $6,000/1.11 = $5405.40 supplemental salary to awardee and $594.60 fringe benefits paid from awarded funds.

Grant funds will be available for use through June 30 of the University's current fiscal year. Any funds that have not been used by this deadline will no longer be available.