Paluse Grants and Catholicism and the Common Good

THE PALUSE GRANT PROGRAM AND Catholicism and the Common Good PROJECT

Religious traditions offer intellectual capital that is vital for understanding and addressing social problems. In Catholic tradition, the primary goal of society is to foster the common good. The Center for Catholic Faith and Culture will explore this notion through a new project made possible by a generous grant from the Luce Foundation. Catholicism and the Common Good evokes the central question: what do Catholic ideas and ideals contribute to human wellbeing and public life, especially in concert with other faith traditions and non-theological disciplines?<

Over three years we will convene faculty and other stakeholders from within and beyond Duquesne for the following goals:

  • To support original, interdisciplinary scholarship on our theme and on particular social issues.
  • To foster community-engaged work on local social issues, curricular and pedagogical outcomes, faculty and graduate student development opportunities, and collegial networks among scholars.

What is the “Common Good?”

The common good refers to the array of social conditions that are necessary to promote the mutual flourishing of all persons. It is a comprehensive ideal, encompassing human dignity and human rights, fleshed out through a robust picture of human wellbeing as bodily, social, cultural, and spiritual creatures, referring to material and intangible conditions that affect us as individuals and as communities. It is an inclusive idea, emphasizing our shared flourishing as a human race rather than the good of some at the expense of others.

Paluse Research Related to the Common Good

We encourage Paluse grant applicants to pursue research projects that touch on aspects of the common good. Research might include but is not limited to projects related to

  • theorizing about the common good;
  • addressing specific social problems, such as health disparities, climate change, racism, or educational justice;
  • working with resources from religious traditions other than Catholicism.

Scholarly projects in the liberal arts, the professions, the sciences, and music all bear on our prospects for nurturing the common good. For questions, please contact the Center for Catholic Faith and Culture