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Award for Undergraduate Research

Each year, the Center for Catholic Faith and Culture and the Center for Spiritan Studies join the Office of Research in supporting outstanding research and scholarship among undergraduate students at the Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium (URSS).

This year, the Centers will recognize and reward research from any discipline
that aligns with Duquesne’s Catholic, Spiritan mission, particularly our commitments to:

  • the dignity and equality of all persons
  • working with vulnerable populations for systemic change
  • preserving justice, peace, and integrity of creation.

The Centers will present two Common Good Research Awards of $250 each at this year’s URSS event on April 11, 2018.

2018 Common Good Research Awards

Lauren Hensler
Physician Assistant Studies  I Rangos School of Health Sciences I Faculty advisor: Dr. Bridget Calhoun
Project: Addressing Dental Health Disparities through Community-Engaged Learning

Sarah Timmons, Sarah Sullivan, Michelle Zheng
Nursing I School of Nursing I Faculty advisors: Dr. Andrew Simpson, Dr. Jessica Devido, Dr. Cathy Appelt
Project: Race-based Inequities in Maternal-Child Health in the Hill District 

What types of research projects are eligible for the Common Good award?

Research projects in the liberal arts, business, the professions, the sciences, and music all bear on our prospects for nurturing the common good.

The common good refers to the array of tangible and intangible social conditions (e.g., food, shelter, education, healthcare, happiness, human dignity) that are necessary to promote the flourishing and well-being of all persons. Supporting and working for such universal rights is a foundational pillar of the Catholic faith which advocates for a more just society for all, regardless of economic or social status, faith tradition, race, culture, etc.

Your research might include, but is not limited to, projects that address:

• Specific social problems, such as health disparities, climate change, racism, or education inequality
• Theoretical approaches to global issues such as human rights and theories of justice
• Religious traditions, including or beyond Catholicism, and their import on making the world a better place (e.g., promoting tolerance, social justice, etc.),

How will projects be evaluated?

All students whose research projects are accepted for the URSS will be considered for the Common Good Award if their projects meet the following criteria:

Topical relevance for the Common Good

• Focused primarily on a topic that is pertinent to the common good of persons
• Demonstrated alignment with Duquesne's Catholic, Spiritan mission
• Engagement with resources (concepts, theories, scholars, texts, communities, etc.) from Catholic or other religious traditions.

Scholarly merit

• Clearly defined research agenda
• Demonstrated familiarity with relevant literature
• Depth of analysis
• Critical thinking and originality

Communication of research

• Organization and clarity
• Effective use of poster format

How to apply

The 10th annual Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium (URSS) will be held April 18, 2018. Online submissions are due March 12. Please follow the Rules and Regulations established by the Office of Research.