Spiritan Pedagogy Archive

Spiritan Pedagogy Conversations for Academic Year 2018-19

This year's theme, Spiritan Pedagogy and the Spiritan Mission, asked attendees to examine the inpact of the Spiritan ethos on university's core curriculum and proposed revisions, as well as o their own teaching. New and experienced faculty members shared their feedback.

  • Vulnerability, Education, and the Spiritan Ethos
  • Stories from the Classroom
  • Fall Community-Building Reception
  • ACCU Collegium Colloquy
  • Spiritan Mission & Core Curriculum Revisions
  • Spring Community-Building Reception

Spiritan Pedagogy Conversations for Academic Year 2017-18

This year's theme, Imagining Student Success, fostered dialogue on student-centered teaching in our Spiritan context in light of Duquesne's new strategic plan. We explored questions such as:  How do we imagine student success in light of our Spiritan ethos? How do we promote these outcomes as educators? Our events included perspectives from new and experienced faculty, and from students.

  • New and Experienced Faculty Voices
  • Student and Faculty Voices
  • Fall Community-Building Reception 
  • Student Success Dialogue in conjunction with Founders Week
  • Student Success Challenges and Best Practices 
  • Spring Community-Builiding Reception