Arrival Dates and Temporary Housing Form

All international students are eligible for free temporary housing during the week of International Orientation (fall semester only). You must tell us if you plan to arrive early to campus. We cannot guarantee housing before the official arrival dates for international students.

Students who will live on-campus during the academic year:

  • must fill out the Housing Agreement and Preference Questionnaire in DORI (Deadlines: June 15 for fall semester and December 1 for spring semester)
  • submit the below form so that we can open your room early

Students who will live off-campus during the academic year:

  • must move off campus after Orientation

Note: We have this service so that students who plan to live off campus can stay on campus while they look for an apartment. We can usually accommodate students seven (7) days before the start of fall Orientation.

Graduate Students

As an international graduate student, you will most likely live off campus. Confirm your arrangements before you arrive. If you are unable to do so, you can stay on campus until one week before classes start. Please indicate your housing need below.