Travel Registry for Faculty and Staff

As a member of the faculty or staff TRAVELING INTERNATIONALLY on Duquesne business, you are required to submit information about yourself in the event of emergency or any other unforeseen circumstances. Be assured that all information will be held in confidence and stored on a secure university system and only access in the event of an emergency or other necessary circumstances.

Please take a few moments to fill out the electronic form by clicking on the button below. You will start with listing your location(s) and dates of travel and then answer the various questions below.

Thank you for your cooperation!

1. Use the the Duquesne Travel Registry Portal  to complete this process.
2. Hit the "Register Now" button and NOT the "Apply Now" button as it will take you through an easier process.
3. Next Page: You will choose "DUQ Abroad Login" on the far right of the screen and use your Multipass login credentials
4. Next Section: Choose your destination and dates while you are at that destination (please enter multiple if there are multiple destinations)
5. Next Section : Answer all the questions and upload the pertinent information. Have a scanned copy of your passport and your health insurance card ready to upload to the system.
6. Hit "Update" and all the information will be stored on our DuqAbroad system for the Center for Global Engagement to access.

You may also access the attached document for instructions with screenshots.  

Thanks for your cooperation. Please give us a call at 412-396-6113 if you have any questions.