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Duquesne University's Center for Green Industries and Sustainable Business Growth focuses on outreach to the region's Green Building, Environmental Management and Renewable Energy sectors with the objective of advancing entrepreneurship and supporting regional commercialization efforts and job growth. The Center's goal is to grow jobs, foster innovation, and bring new technologies to market in these three sectors by using Duquesne University's resources. The Center is supported by collaboration with other universities, companies and economic development partners. The Center also actively promotes the principles and benefits of sustainability in product design and manufacturing/operating processes in other regional industries.

Our goal is not only to make businesses more sustainable, but to make the businesses more profitable as well. Becoming sustainable is simply the smart decision based on the environmental and business benefits.


What makes a "green" business:

A green and sustainable business meets the short- and long-term needs of its stake-holders, minimizes costs, and maximizes profits, while preserving the resources needed for a viable future. A business is green either because it makes a product which has a positive net impact on the environment or the processes it uses to make its products are clean, green, and sustainable.


The mission of the Center for Green Industries and Sustainable Business Growth is to develop small business jobs through activity in the green business sectors.


To grow jobs, foster innovation, and bring new technologies to the market, specifically targeting the industries of:

  • Green Building
  • Renewable Energy
  • Environmental Management


  • To internationalize the firms in these growing sectors by assisting them to identify export opportunities, and develop overseas markets and sales to gain new customers and increase exports and jobs
  • To expand markets for emerging and growing firms in target industries by conducting and disseminating market research to identify growing domestic business/residential sectors as well as SBIR and government procurement opportunities
  • To provide export consulting, technology commercialization assistance, SBIR, Government Procurement Consulting, and links to business and financing assistance
  • To link small growing firms with workforce development initiatives and resources
  • To organize forums and conferences highlighting business opportunities and strategies for growth
  • To provide energy efficiency and enhancement services leading to sustainable growth