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Spotlight on Sustainable Small Businesses

The Center For Green Industries wishes to recognize small businesses who have shown that the implementation of sustainable business practices results in increased profitability. 

DMI Industries

The committment to sustainability runs deep at DMI Companies, with their vision being to "become the preferred manufacturer and supplier of innovative, sustainable products and services to the building industry."  Headquartered in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, DMI Companies is a small business employing approximately 250 individuals in the HVAC and energy efficiency industries.  DMI is the parent company of three HVAC manufacturers: Ductmate Industries, Aire Technologies, and Ward Systems.  They are also the parent company of RCx Building Diagnostics, an energy efficiency and sustainabilty consulting company.

 (What makes a business "green"?)

Through vigorous benchmarking and tracking through the Energy Star Portfolio Manager combined with numerous building upgrades, DMI has seen great returns from changes in lighting (delamping, motion sensors, task lighting), HVAC (set points, balancing, controls) water (low flow fixtures, as needed), a white reflective roof with a cylindrical solor photovoltaic system, and many other investments.  Over 4 years, DMI companies has seen their company's headquarters energy consumption drop nearly 25%, resulting in an increase in their Energy Star Score from 74 to 88.

DMI ShowDMI also believes lean is green.  From the purchase of raw materials through the final shipment of finished goods, every process is constantly evaluated for efficiency and to eliminate waste with a formal lean program.  The corporate-wide committment to sustainability has further contributed to this effort.

210 Fifth Street
Charleroi, PA 15022


To learn how your business can also incorporate sustainable business practices, or to submit a business for this feature, contact us.