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Center for Migration, Displacement and Community Studies (CMDCS)

The Center for Migration, Displacement and Community Studies engages with critical issues of social justice related to human flows at the local, national, and international levels. Center-affiliated Faculty work alongside Duquesne students, and community partners to promote scholarship, teaching, and community engagement in these fields across a wide range of disciplines. The Center furthers Duquesne mission to build long-term partnerships in the community through community engagement opportunities that provide support to local refugee and migrant service organizations and the communities that they serve in the Pittsburgh region.

Migration is a Universal Concern

Migration is a global phenomenon of significant magnitude, and we are currently living in a time of unprecedented human displacement. Migration Studies encompasses the forced or voluntary movement of persons from one place to another. In the present age, transnational migration sparks controversy, giving rise to numerous xenophobic movements in the United States and in many European countries, along with political instability and violence around the world.

Research and Faculty

In response to the serious social, economic, and political consequences of migration and displacement, the Center supports research geared toward understanding these consequence and how to support service organizations and migrant communities in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Beyond helping faculty establish course offerings in the field of migration, displacement, and community studies, the Center supports student and faculty research through awards, presentations, events, and mentorship. Students interested in engaging with other students across campus can join the Migration Club, which initiates humanitarian outreach to our local community, raises awareness on campus on various issues related to migration, displacement, and community building. Students can also join Community-Engaged courses opportunities taught by Center faculty.

If you are a student, faculty, prospective student, or community organization interested in getting more involved in CMDCS events, activities, or research, please contact us or visit us at our Center.