About Us


The mission of the Center is to foster scholarly inquiry and collaboration among Duquesne faculty, students, and community partners in order to:

  • Advance scholarly understandings of migration, displacement, and the integration of migrants into their communities and the impact of current political developments or crises on those communities
  • Support scholarly research and publication in the areas of migration, displacement, and immigrant integration
  • Influence public attitudes toward migrant populations in the spirit of Catholic teaching
  • Encourage partnership and collaboration between faculty, students, and community partners who work with migrant populations
  • Uphold the human dignity and well-being of migrants

Our Team

Jennie Schulze - Associate Professor of Political Science; Director of the Center for Migration, Displacement and Community Studies

Gabriela Sanchez - Graduate Assistant to the Center for Migration, Displacement and Community Studies

Community Partners

The Center's community partners are integral to ensure that the Center's mission reaches Pittsburgh's needs and beyond. These partners offer numerous opportunites for Community Involvement for Duquesne students.

ARYSE: After School Club for High School Refugee Youth

  • The After School Club was founded by ARYSE -- Pittsburgh's premier resource for immigrant and refugee youth. The After School Club aims to help immigrant and refugee high school students overcome educational and social barriers that hinder successful integration. The program takes place on Duquesne University's campus and is a collaboration with partner agencies to engage students in activities focused on academic success, college and career readiness, celebration of culture and identity, and civic engagement. The program also encourages social and cultural integration through near-peer mentoring by local university students and field trips. In addition to generating hands-on learning experiences for students about the challenges facing refugee communities, Duquesne students gain hands-on research experience with designing and collecting assessment information.

Jewish Family and Community Services

  • JFCS Refugee & Immigrant Services has worked with thousands of individuals and families over the years, helping them create new lives in our community after escaping unimaginable circumstances. From resettling newly-arriving refugees to connecting people with critical resources for acclimating to live in our country, JFCS is present through every step of their journey.

Reading to Play, Playing to Read

  • Reading to Play, Playing to Read is a community-engaged project that combines the learning goals of two Spanish courses: MLSP 302W-CE Composition and Conversation and MLSP 280 Spanish for Health Professionals. Students from both courses collaborate to develop a 4-week program on health awareness and illness prevention culture for 5-8-year-old Hispanic children, who recently immigrated to the US. Hispanic children attend Beechwood Elementary school in the Beechview neighborhood.

Rita M. McGinley Psychology Clinic 

  • The Rita M. McGinley Psychology Clinic is the primary training facility for the doctoral students in clinical psychology. The Clinic's mission is to provide supervised training experience for the doctoral students, while offering affordable, professional clinical services to the Duquesne community and the general public. The Clinic provides individual, couples, family, and group psychotherapy as well as psychological assessment.