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Center for Teaching Excellence


All of our events and resources contribute to our vision for fostering faculty and graduate student development. This development takes place across multiple levels, each one detailed briefly below along with relevant links for more information.

The Teacher-Scholar Model

CTE provides resources to help faculty succeed as teacher-scholars engaged in pedagogical development and academic research in whatever stage they are in (tenure-track, tenured, non-tenure track, adjunct, teaching assistants).

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Holistic Professional and Communal Development

CTE approaches personhood holistically with a view to understanding faculty and students as people balancing personal and academic demands. CTE wants faculty to feel like they belong and contribute to a community that values teaching excellence, collaboration and diversity.

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Instructional Strategies and Course Design

CTE collaborates with instructors to implement sound instructional strategies focused on student learning by embracing evidence-based pedagogical ideas and a spirit of innovation. This approach includes, but is not limited to, creating well-designed courses and curriculum that incorporate strong learning-assessment strategies resulting in deep learning.

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