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CTE helps faculty and graduate student teaching assistants excel as teacher-scholars deeply invested in their students' learning.

Welcome to the Center for Teaching Excellence!

Learn more about our history and values, meet our staff, see our upcoming events, find support for your faculty or graduate careers, celebrate your teaching, and solicit feedback on your teaching. Learn how to best teach and learn at Duquesne with a wide range of resources

HyFlex Resources

Resources for NEW Faculty & Teaching Assistants

We welcome all new faculty and teaching assistants to Duquesne University! We encourage you to look at our Getting Started: Teaching at Duquesne page to begin your orientation to teaching and learning as it covers many of the resources, policies, and support needed for your start at Duquesne! 

  • Orientation to Teaching at Duquesne - The Center for Teaching Excellence offers programs to welcome and orient all who are new to the teaching community at Duquesne, as well as colleagues making the transition to a new role (e.g., moving from adjunct to full-time faculty).

Continuity for Remote Teaching

Another great teaching and learning resource is the K. Patricia Cross Academy video library, which hosts a searchable library of informative videos about teaching techniques that might inspire you or help you address some current dilemmas. The videos are short (2-5 minutes) and contain written supportive materials. 

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Check out The Flourishing Academic. This multi-voice blog features posts on teaching and learning by CTE staff and peer leaders. Please visit often, comment actively, and teach enthusiastically!