Resources for a Successful Academic Career

CTE's Special Collection through Gumberg Library
CTE has a special collection of books on teaching, learning, and higher education, searchable through the DUCAT catalog by using the link above. Books also are available at the campus Barnes and Noble Bookstore in the Education section. Look for the shelves with the sign "College Teaching & Faculty Success" for books recommended by CTE, CETR, and the Writing Center.

Feedback and Reflection on Teaching
Explore resources on consulting with CTE, Peer Review, Student Evaluation Surveys (SES), and Early Course Evaluation.  

Life-Work Balance
Faculty and graduate students manage multiple roles. Part of their success is learning to maintain a healthy balance between professional and personal life.

A mentor is more than a colleague. They agree to serve as a guide and ally for the mentee. Duquesne's Near-Peer Mentoring Exchange features mutual-mentoring groups with faculty members from across the University. Faculty mentoring graduate students might also consult Preparing Future Faculty

Promotion and Tenure
All Duquesne faculty have access to the policies and guidelines relevant to promotion and tenure. CTE staff are not involved in any way in the P&T process. However, CTE staff regularly consult with faculty on analyzing their Student Evaluation Surveys (SES) and documenting their teaching excellence and effectiveness.

Special Topic Faculty Groups
As opportunities arise, CTE organizes faculty together to grow in scholarship around teaching and learning.

Supporting Graduate Students

Graduate Student Certificate of University Teaching
The Certificate of University Teaching is a voluntary and self-paced opportunity for graduate students to document their college teaching in preparation for faculty careers.

Landing an Academic Job
Learn how to navigate academic hiring! Develop a strong interview style and create compelling documents that articulate your skills and achievements as educators.