Life-Work Balance

funny pie chart examining work and life balance in academia

Faculty and graduate students manage multiple roles on campus and at home.  Part of their success is learning to maintain a healthy balance between professional and personal life.  This requires attentiveness and diligence.

Our blog, The Flourishing Academic, has a number of posts specifically centered around life-work balance. Check them out and connect with us if you're interested in writing a post for our blog on the topic of work-life or any other relevant subject!

The Center for Teaching Excellence also offers inidvidual consultations on teaching and faculty careers as well as programs related to balancing your various roles. Consider attending one of our Mentoring in Minutes flash-sessions to discuss issues and learn with peers how to navigate common problems. We also hope you consider participating in our Near Peer mentoring faculty exchange group. We also encourage you to look over our Managing your Teaching Life handout. 

Duquesne University also provides a number of resources to help each individual define his, her, or their own ideal life-work balance.

University Resources

Power Recreation Center 

The University's gym and recreation center. Offers personal training, intramural sportswellbeing activities, and group fitness classes for all students, staff, and faculty. Balancing work and the rest of your life means taking care of your body and finding activities that bring you joy outside of your work. While those passionate about teaching and research often find joy in these activities, that doesn't mean they have to, or should, be the only sources of restoration in your life.

University Counseling Center

Located at 636 Fisher Hall, the counseling center offers services for students, staff and faculty. Counseling sessions are limited to students, but many group therapy sessions are open to faculty and staff as well. Additionally, everyone is welcome to use the interfaith meditation room. UCC staff regularly help instructors understand and delimit their role in responding to students who are facing difficult issues. They also co-sponsor events with the Center for Teaching Excellence.

Spiritan Campus Ministry

Offers masses, luncheons (e.g., during Lent), and small group studies.

Child Care On Campus

Collegiate YMCA at 412-396-5183

Health Benefits

Wellness in Motion

Further Reading