Promotion and Tenure

CTE staff are not involved in any way in the P&T process; however, we want to be sure that all Duquesne faculty have access to the policies and guidelines relevant to promotion and tenure. 


The Duquesne Faculty Handbook is located on the Academic Affairs Policies & Procedures page, as well as on the Faculty Senate Canvas page.

CTE Events

Each spring, CTE hosts a workshop presented by the provost and a member of the University P&T Committee. This session is designed primarily for those preparing their promotion materials. Sample successful personal statements and CVs are distributed.  The session is also recommended for department chairs and anyone who mentors faculty and votes on promotion decisions. With the adoption of the new handbook, we are also hosting workshops on promotion in nontenure-track positions.

Recordings of the previous workshops are available to watch (requires a multipass).

CTE Resources

CTE offers Consultations on teaching and guidance on Faculty Peer Review of teaching, which is an integral part of promotion and tenure.
 Print resources are also searchable through the Gumberg Library.