About Christina

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Christina Frasher

Instructional Consultant for TAs


Current Role

Christina's position at CTE supports graduate students preparing for college teaching across the disciplines. In addition to facilitating CTE workshops, Christina welcomes consultations with graduate TAs on topics related to teaching and learning, including preparation, assessment, and classroom management. Additionally, consultation is available for TAs who are preparing to enter the job market and would like to review statements of teaching philosophy, cover letters, and CVs. Her other responsibilities include managing various components of the CTE website and social media-linked outlets as well as developing teaching resources. Christina is excited to be working with, and learning from, TAs from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds.

Education and Experience

Christina received her BA from the University of Pittsburgh in English Literature and Religious Studies and her MA in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Currently, Christina is working on her dissertation on Contemplative Pedagogy in the Counselor Education and Supervision doctorate program in the School of Education. Her research interests include psychology of the feminine, liberation psychology, Jungian psychotherapy, somatic psychology and the expressive art therapies. She teaches psychology as an adjunct instructor at Point Park University and uses her teaching experiences as additional support for TAs.

Christina cherishes spending time with her family, enjoying the local city and state parks and continuing to develop herself through workshops and conferences. In her free time, she enjoys being a member of Pittsburgh Playback Theatre and is a regular yoga practitioner.