About Erin

Picture of Erin Rentschler

Erin M. Rentschler, Ph.D. 

Associate Director for Faculty Development

Current Role

Erin serves as the Center for Teaching Excellence's Associate Director for Faculty Development. She offers consultation on college teaching, learning, and academic career success for faculty and graduate students, develops faculty and graduate teaching assistant (GTA) workshops, creates teaching and learning resources, and directs the GTA program, which includes the Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Certificate of University Teaching. She has a desire to bring student perspectives on learning -- especially those related to diversity, equity, and inclusion -- to her work with instructors.She is interested in metacognition, self-regulation, and projected-based learning. 

Education and Experience

Erin received her B.A. in English and Secondary Education from Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts in 2001. After graduating from Wheaton, she taught high school English in Massachusetts. In 2005, Erin came to Duquesne as a Masters student in the English Department. Beginning in 2005 and throughout much of her doctoral studies as well, Erin served as a Teaching Fellow.  In addition to core writing classes, Erin taught Survey of American Literature II (1865-present) and Introduction to Fiction. Her favorite moments in the classroom are those in which students feel empowered and challenged by thinking critically about the stories they encounter not only in literary studies but in their everyday engagement with words, images, and sounds.  

From 2011-2014, Erin worked at the Center for Teaching Excellence as an instructional consultant. Her responsibilities included planning and facilitating workshops, finding and developing teaching and learning resources, and consulting with university instructors about teaching and learning topics such as preparation, assessment, and classroom management. Additionally, Erin worked closely with graduate students preparing for college teaching across the disciplines to review statements of teaching philosophy, cover letters, and CVs.  

Erin's dissertation explores race and ethnicity in American novels representing the Vietnam War.  Her project contributes to both the critical discussion of fiction representing a particular historical moment and conversations about teaching controversial and sensitive topics such as war, race, and ethnicity. 

Selected Scholarship
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  • "Supporting First Generation Students - Student Success and Inclusive Practice" A round table presentation at the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education, Annual Conference, November 2019, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Hansen, S., Rentschler, E., & Willingham-McLain, L. (2019). Integrating transparency in learning and teaching (TILT) initiatives throughout a CTE: Educational developer and instructor insights. In MA Winklemes, A. Boye, & S. Tapp (Eds.), Transparent Design in Higher Education Teaching and Leadership. Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing.
  • "Lenses and Recommendations for Helping Graduate Students Assess and Improve Teaching in Community" with Dr. Steven Hansen. In Preparing for College and University Teaching: Competencies for Graduate and Professional Students, a special volume of Studies in Graduate & Professional Student Development. Invited. Currently under review.
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