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Michael DuPont, Ph.D.

Assistant Director for Educational Development


Current Role

Michael serves as the Assistant Director for Educational Development in the Center for Teaching Excellence. He supports the Center for Teaching Excellence by providing resources, programming, and consultation on college teaching/learning and academic career success for faculty and graduate students at Duquesne University. He also manages CTE's daily operations.

Education and Experience

Michael received his Ph.D. in Education from Iowa State University in 2019. His dissertation titled, "How two faculty integrate equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice in doctoral education" examined the ways institutional and disciplinary logics, or "rules of the game" across one's institution of higher education and academic disciplinary community, influenced faculty's integration into their work. This case study illustrated how faculty are continually interacting with socialization processes at the borderlands of disciplinary communities organizing within higher education institutions. He earned a M.S. in Educational Leadership Studies (College Student Development) from Oklahoma State University in 2012 with a creative component focused on contributing factors that influenced male students to apply for Resident Assistant (RA) positions. He received a B.A. in Theatre Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a minor in Organizational Communication in 2010.

Michael's professional experiences span the P-20 spectrum. He has collaborated on research focusing on engineering education in elementary schools and how best to support teachers and preservice teachers ability to utilize the engineering design process as a pedagogical content knowledge. He has studied how preservice teachers described experiences around equity, diversity, and inclusion based on their practicum location's racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic status demographics. Additionally, Michael worked at Iowa State University's Center for Communication Excellence (CCE) where he constructed a descriptive discourse model that describes how Preparing Future Faculty participants wrote their cover letters and teaching philosophies. Michael extended his stay in the CCE as a Graduate Peer Mentor, or Writing Consultant, and supported graduate students and postdocs on 3MT presentations, cover letters, research, teaching, and diversity statements, research articles, conference posters, nationally-competitive awards, fellowships, grants, and thesis and dissertation formatting. Michael also has experience in housing and residence life, fraternity and sorority affairs, leadership development, student orientation, admissions, student union operations, and more.

Outside of Duquesne University, Michael loves spending time with his wife, stepson, dog, and cat, and making the most out of any hiking, cycling, or outdoor opportunity.

Selected Presentations & Publications
  • Estapa, A., Tank, K, & DuPont, M. (under review). Utilizing teacher noticing within a representation of an elementary engineering lesson to support responsive teaching in the classroom. Journal for STEM Education Research.
  • Berzina, B. & DuPont, M. (2019). Crafting your Teaching Philosophy Statement. Job Application Materials Seminar Series. Ames, IA.
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